Abandoned hotel “Kystens Perle / The pearl of the coast”

The perl of the coast, is what they chose to name it, after it replaced an old inn from the 1700′s that burned down in 1950, just after a renovation of a new bar!

After teh old inn was unable to be saved and had burned to the ground, Oscar Pedersen decided to build a brand new hotel with the help of the arcitect Max Louw. The hotel opened again, under the name “Kystens Perle” which translates to “the pearl of the coast”.

10 years later, the hotel had been further renovated, now housing 80 rooms. In 1970, a pool was also built, next to the oldest building.

In the summer of 1973, Oscar Pedersen stopped opertations at the hotel, and was brought on by new owners. Due to the energy crisis in Denmark resulted in a decline in profit from the hotel, and in 1975, it was forced to be closed.

After multiple failed attempts at getting the hotel off the ground again, the buildings had started to decay and most of the hotel was demolished to create 22 apartmentbuidlings.

The nothern part of the building complex which was not made into apartments continued to be hotel. the first few years there was still a swimming pool, but was later demolished to make 30 hotelrooms.
In 2006 both the remains of the hotel, and restaurant/bar closed, because they owner got permission to tear down the old hotel but it has still not happened, and the buildings still stand empty, ever since.

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